That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.       -Emily Dickinson

Hi everyone! I’m Anjali, a freethinking student… of life. I simply love anything to do with words, whether it’s reading, writing or even talking! We as social beings, often need to express ourselves. In short, this blog was born out of such a need!

I guess human mind is quite complex, always bubbling with ideas. So why not let the superb thoughts we have come out and…change the world! Well, this blog is an attempt to bring my views out to the world. and let them fly into your minds.


The world gives you a lot to think on. So think! You’ll never get it twice. So dare! And there are never going to be so many endless possibilities. So dream! Make your life your masterpiece.

We have very little time on this planet. Why not make the most of it? Think big and live big. Share your ideas and just live your life to the fullest. ‘Cause life is really worth living. Ready? Get… set…go! Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


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