The Marching Soldier

We face difficulties, fight our own battles, experience victory, learn to cope with failure… That is to say, we’re almost soldiers. Of our own life. Well, these are the thoughts that led me to writing this poem. There are also times when we feel all messed up, thinking that life’s a waste. But I guess that life is pretty much the mirror of the mind. You really are what you think… So, keep marching!


At times you are in darkness,

never knowing what is next,

your life seems a total mess,

like you’re facing a bitter test.


It’s like you’ve lost all control,

you lose your friends, gain foes,

as if you’ve fallen into a hole,

but it’s just the thorn of the rose.


O soldier! Don’t stop your marching,

the road’s tough, but you’re tougher,

your reward stands there, waiting,

can’t you go just a bit further?


Life’s a road with twists and turns,

always revealing priceless wisdom,

the mightiest, is but he who learns,

but such a man is found seldom.


O warrior! nothing here is eternal,

nothing but the impression you leave,

the body too will fall out, like a petal,

what’s the legacy you’re about to weave?


You have got nothing that you can lose,

only lots to gain by this adventure,

this chance, you simply have to use,

to lead the world into a glorious future.


Keep on marching, my tireless soldier,

towards your glory,

towards your glory,

towards your glory.












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