In my opinion,rain is the simplest expression of nature’s beauty. Getting far away from all the complexities of life, it’s really calming to watch the clouds burst…perhaps in hidden anger. Here’s a little poem I wrote on one of the truly mesmerising gifts of nature…rain. Hope you all like it!


When the breeze is gently blowing
and the clouds heave a heavy sigh,
then comes the water flowing
from the nasty turbulent sky.
With all the anger it comes down
the earth is nothing but graceful
to greet with serenity,its frown
giving an effect so peaceful.
The rain is still bubbling with range
for now its eyes are gleaming
enclosing the land in a water cage
when the winds are truly screaming.
The earthlings watch, still blissful,
while the trees dance with joy
the bird’s singing, so delightful,
is the tune for the dancing boy.
The rain got himself thinking
for why was the earth at grace?
it occurred to him, the were singing,
all songs laden with his praise.
The rain hung his head, quite low
he knew not what to say
so he gave way to he rainbow,
leaving the earth a beautiful day!

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