The Forgotten Mother

We live in a world which is pacing ahead faster than ever. In the case of technology, life standards, education…But in the midst of this rush to uplift ourselves, we forget the very land we live on, the very air we breathe and the water and food we consume. Of course, we talk on global warming and think of ways to undo the mess that we’ve made of the planet. We have had measures  like COP 21, the Kyoto agreement and so many other agreements and conferences, which never actually make any difference.  Well, it’s not the leaders or the governments who have to bring about the change, it’s us. Only when we devote ourselves to the cause do miracles happen. And remember, people are a greater power than any government or organisation…tumblr_m3u1n51OmR1qexjbwo1_500.jpg

These buildings, they rise so tall,

boasting the strength of humankind.

like a huge kingdom never to fall,

to all the challenges, simply blind.


Everyday you find some thing more,

uncovering shady secrets of nature,

like a proud eagle, you seem to soar,

towards your dreamily bright future.


What a great spectacle of life this is,

to do what you want, free of any limit,

to create your own beautiful world, o yes,

to have an entire creation to your credit!


Fly like a bird or be strong as a mountain,

you can do it all, with innovation at hand,

’cause you have nothing to lose, only to gain,

and with this power, we transform the land.


We are well-developed, that’s what they say,

because we’ve conquered the land and sea,

we’ve crossed those milestones in the way,

changing the world for better, aren’t we?


But aren’t  we leaving someone behind,

someone who gives us this spark of life,

the someone we no longer seem to mind,

the someone we’re now stabbing with a knife?


O people! why  forget our mother nature,

for it is she who’s our unseen protection,

why neglect her simply for a robotic future,

this is nothing but a pathetic situation.


Think when you strip her of her dignity,

when you simply roast her in an inferno,

you are a torment to your mother, a pity!

wipe her tears and  don’t let her go…


For you’ll never live without her,

never without her.

Protect her,

please protect her before she goes…









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