The Fence That Divided Us

We have divisions all around us. In this world  we judge people with minds filled with prejudices, failing to understand that we are all in fact, a single family.Maybe it’s time that we start to love more than we hate, understand more than we ignore, and accept more than we reject…


The fence between the little plots,

they divide much more than spaces,

in the thread of relation they are knots,

they separate not just houses.


Life never comes, nor does it leave,

it’s always there, we’re forever one,

then why in divisions do you believe,

those create chaos right under the sun?


This fence of fear, hate and sorrow,

is tearing our souls into thousands,

we’re becoming an onus on the morrow,

etching dreary histories on our lands.


Why not be the destroyer of this fence,

which divides you from your brother,

the fence that erodes your common sense,

to see your kin in this violent weather?


Can’t  we jump this hurdle of pain,

that sees an adversary in your ally,

when you kill, what is your gain,

maybe a blood drenched valley !


What is it that you want, o friend?

Is blood and tears that you long for?

Is that why these bombs you send?

Or do you want to destroy some more?


It’s your family that you are killing,

just far from you because of this fence,

only if you were a bit more willing,

to tear down this situation, so tense.


Open your eyes and see, o blind fool,

the whole world is but a game at play,

Better play it fair because love’s the tool,

work not for doom, but a better day.


So, break these fences in your mind,

at least for the sake of peace

we’re all but one,

all but one…


















5 thoughts on “The Fence That Divided Us

  1. You know what Anjali,people gets addicted to a strangers attention but lose interest in a loved ones affection….thats why most of the death bed confessions are about tossed out relationships and not about the amount of money wasted or a career they couldnt build……


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