A Cry To The Prison Bars

Usually, the world around you shuts you up in a cage of expectations, forcing you to accept its norms. Mediocrity is too heavy a price we pay to fit into a society. And more often than not, it is our society which decides who we are. Break out of this prison. You were meant to be a free bird.


The prison bars stare right at me,

the bars of hate and separation;

the bars which did not let me free,

the bars that shut out the creation.


This the cry of the lonely thinker,

shut by the world in a nasty cage,

its selfish wishes make hopes flicker,

it makes the soul bubble with rage.


These chains never let me dream,

never let me count those shining stars;

they say, ‘uncountable’ as they seem,

and shut me out behind the bars.


The world belongs to the fittest, they say;

but who are you to say who’s best?

why try keep me out of the way,

when you know I’ll pass the test?


Nothing in the universe is the best,

all of us just are some billion stars,

each having a shine better than the rest,

so why have all these petty wars?


My life is mine, it’s never yours,

then why with it do you play?

It’s my boat and I have my oars,

now can I please have my say?


I’ll break those bars, and the walls,

I’ll soar above all your heads,

like a phoenix reborn, that never falls,

my influence in the universe spreads.


And that is the open war,

I fight with you, my friend;

my power shall reach wide and far,

I’ll defeat you, my friend, o my friend


With love,

with love

with love;

with lots of love.







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