The Chattering Earth

 Our huge world made up with all kinds of words. Some sting, while some words soothe, others make you cry while still others make you giggle…But in this sea of words, are we forgetting silence altogether?


The sky is bright and clear

and all the world chatters,

about the near and dear

and everything else that matters.

The subjects vary, time to time,

but never does the chatter end

’cause silence is but a crime

and no one’s keen to offend.

They discuss of times afar,

of happiness anger or sorrow

maybe of the dread of war

or what’s for lunch tomorrow.

Chatter, chatter in the air,

the world is now drowning;

now peace is really very rare

the globe is truly mourning.

Words have sharpened into swords,

all the hearts are shattered;

all critics are now the lords,

human love is all battered.

War of words is war of doom,

humans are now demons;

the sky is now filled with gloom

O destruction! The earth it claims.

The seas are bubbling with hate,

the lands burning in hellish pain

mortal man has opened the gate,

to the whole creation going in vain.

As earth is tormented by this inferno,

there is no other way out

where will all these earthlings go?

when there is torture all about?

A ray of hope in his soul,

so he adds a drop of love,

which transforms the earth as whole,

with an olive branch, flies the dove.

Love is restored, smiles appear

the sun is shining brightly;

there isn’t a drop of tear,

relations are again all mighty.

Words of love are flowing,

silence is no longer a crime,

every heart, every face is glowing,

the world chatters, not hate this time.


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